We have already found that AOK Events clients, looking for hospitality suggestions and live event ideas, can marry all their objectives through sponsorship as a great alternative. Whether it's hosting clients or entertaining staff, there is a great range of sponsorship opportunities available.

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • A great way to enhance an existing hospitality programme and vice-versa
  • Often offering officially allocated ticket inventory, sponsorships can provide a cost-effective alternative to hospitality (and adhere to any industry regulations around bribery and compliance)
  • Player access, coaching sessions and guest speakers are sponsorship rights that can further support client entertainment and internal engagement
  • Working with not-for-profit rights-holders, e.g. the League Managers’ Association, can help build a great CSR and charitable narrative for brands

Formula 1, Formula E, The Revival, The Festival of Speed and The Silverstone Experience, just a few of the rights holders that our dedicated sponsorship consultancy, AOK Connect, are working with.

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